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How to Say Vowels Couirse

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Want to speak American English better, but want more than basic vowels?
Here is my new course on on Vowels & Consonants with video, audio and worksheets to help you learn – click on the picture for more information! 🙂
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Hallo is a free app (Android or iPhone)
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Who do I work with? After many years of teaching at all levels, and Adult Evening classes at Wake Tech – these are my specialties…

Former student Kyoko from Japan

— International professionals who recently came to the U.S. and want more fluent English conversation skills and more confidence to succeed at work and advance to higher positions

— Short-term visitors to the U.S. for personal or professional reasons who want to improve their English pronunciation & conversation.

— Former professionals or spouses of non-native speakers who want to improve their English pronunciation and grammar/sentence structure in order to take a placement test (TOEFL, IELTS) and find a good position.

— Stay at home moms who want to speak and understand American English speakers in daily life (doctors, schools, social events).

Former student Jean-Danielle 🙂

— High school ESL students who need guidance and assistance in working on assignments and English language – writing and test-taking skills.

— Elementary & middle school students (from 1st-8th grade) who need help with school assignments (reading, writing, some math).

What do you need help with? Let me know on the contact page and let’s talk! 🙂