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How to Say Vowels Couirse

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Who do I work with? After many years of teaching at all levels, and Adult Evening classes at Wake Tech – these are my specialties…

— International professionals who recently came to the U.S. and want more fluent English conversation skills and more confidence to succeed at work and advance to higher positions

— Short-term visitors to the U.S. for personal or professional reasons who want to improve their English pronunciation & conversation.

— Former professionals or spouses of non-native speakers who want to improve their English pronunciation and grammar/sentence structure in order to take a placement test (TOEFL, IELTS) and find a good position.

Here’s another free resource – Hallo is a free app that will give you 24/7 access to English teachers all over the world – including me – download it today! Look for me there – Laurel’s Learning Lab or @laurel3.
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If you are an adult who is looking for further English lessons to refine your conversation or pronunciation skills…
Happy to see former students!
Or you are looking for an English tutor who will help your child/high school student through reading/writing lessons…
I can help you!
Former students Gisele & Jean-Danielle (above) and Kyoko (below).

— Stay at home moms who want to speak and understand American English speakers in daily life (doctors, schools, social events).

— High school ESL students who need guidance and assistance in working on assignments and English language – writing and test-taking skills.

— Elementary & middle school students (from 1st-8th grade) who need help with school assignments (reading, writing, some math).

What do you need help with? Let me know on the contact page and let’s talk! 🙂