Resume tips


Thinking about starting a job search? Frustrated by your lack of advancement or want to redirect your career?

I can help you by giving you a free phone consultation to see if a new or improved resume would allow you to find more opportunity in your field. I have helped many reinvigorate their job searches with a clean, succinct and targeted resume for their chosen field, or changing career paths if necessary.

My rates are reasonable and I can help you think through what you want to do next. I know it is a big step, but even if you just want to explore the idea, give me a call at 919-798-6493 and we can talk about it! 

proofreading marks


Do you have a website or blog that needs a little TLC? Maybe English is not your first language, and you want it proofread by a native English speaker (me 🙂 so you look as professional as possible. I can help you do that!

Or maybe you want someone to help you with editing a manuscript or other written work, and your budget is not up to par with what others are charging. Let’s have a conversation about what you need and see if I can help you bring your work into reality!

I have helped local and online clients with many different writing projects, from high school papers to doctoral thesis manuscripts, from blogs & websites to full length books that were then published and promoted. It takes time and dedication, but I am willing to talk to you and see what we can do to further your professional presence and make you look good! 🙂