~ SAT / ACT English/Math Test Preparation ~

Do you want to be anxious or prepared?
Let’s customize a program for you!

ONLINE lessons available too – for ENGLISH and MATH!
Private lessons to prepare for the next test and beyond!
 SAT/ACT Test Prep is very important these days, with so many students vying for coveted spots in colleges – these scores are often the only objective thing they can see before meeting you in person. It’s an indicator of your academic success thus far, and does bear weight with your other achievements, like honors, club memberships and scholarships.
It’s important to study for these tests, and to take them sometimes more than once until you are satisfied that you have done your best. Usually a college requires SAT or ACT (but not both) – so you can find out which one is better for you to take, and which one fits you better academically (if you have a choice). The SAT is more popular in the South, but find out what your school requires and let me know!
If you have a date set for the test, we can decide how many weeks we have to work together (usually 6-10 sessions is good). If you don’t, we can work together to get you in the right mindset and sharpen your skills in preparation for the test – ENGLISH – Reading Comprehension, Writing & Grammar, Essay, and Vocabulary!
MATH – Calculator & No Calculator and more! We know how to make it more interesting and fun so you’ll enjoy our sessions together.
“Laurel Archer was fabulous! She worked with our 17-year-old daughter on the English/reading portion of the SAT. Our daughter had taken the ACT and had scored lower than average on this portion. She enjoyed working with her. Laurel relates well to teens and knows how to make learning fun. She also helped my daughter to plan her study time effectively. She received her SAT scores last week and she scored 750 out of 800, which is in the 99 percentile. Thank you so much to Laurel and all of her help! She is definitely worth every penny!” 
– Ashley C.

Want some English practice right now?? Check out my Quizlets below created just for you and my students! 

Here is an example of the Vocabulary words and  memorization techniques from my favorite book
Up Your Score – more fun this way! 🙂

Memorization technique

Vocabulary using puns and cartoons